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Feel Empowered to create Freedom and Success without self-sabotage through rapid mindset transformation and aligned strategy.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and Mindset Coaching

You have ambitious goals, but more than that, you feel called to be a leader and make an impact.

What would life look like if you didn't get in your own way and took inspired action?

You are creating a new reality, a life you are worthy of living. Everyday you are growing, feeling fulfilled and good about yourself. Free from the old beliefs, outdated programming, unwanted habits, negative behaviours and self talk that kept you feeling stuck, and instead you feel inner peace.

I can help you reach your next level goals through RTT and Coaching so you can achieve Freedom and Success in life or business. Book a free discovery call today.

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Koru Signature Breakthrough

This 12 week program is tailored to help you reach your next level goals. Features 1 to 1 weekly Coaching and monthly RTT session to help you develop a unique success strategy and remove blocks to align your mindset so you can achieve your goals with ease and make even bigger waves in your life or business. 

Mana breakthrough

Are you ready to unleash your true limitless potential? This 28-day program is perfect if you want to target and get a breakthrough from a specific block so you can achieve your personal and career goals with ease, feel fulfilled and fearlessly create a life of Freedom. Features 1:1 RTT and Coaching session. 

slim fit dames

Shed unwanted weight, gain confidence and reach optimum performance. If you want to enjoy a Fit and Healthy lifestyle for 2023 and beyond, our experts can help you shed unwanted excess weight for good and achieve your goals with ease through a synergy of RTT and Coaching, Mindset, Fitness and Nutrition. 


client testimonials

"Working with Donna has empowered me to make change and keep momentum up. I have challenged some of my biggest fears about public speaking, giving me huge insight into my personal blocks. I feel confident to move in the direction and will continue to keep her in my life to support me in the future. Donna has a lovely way of challenging you to help you develop you in your stretch zone, whilst remaining warm, compassionate and supportive the entire time."

Sarah Burrows

client testimonials

"The RTT session with Donna Liza blew my mind. She created a safe container for me to travel back to my experiences that shaped my beliefs and guided me safely trough everything. She was respectful of my energy and my emotions and brought me straight to the points of transformation. The words she spoke and the transformational recording are very empowering and this has been the deepest Hypnosis state I have ever been in. I was able to let it all go and I can highly recommend Donna Liza as a Hypnotherapist to anyone that is ready to change their life!"

Simona Marini

Enjoy Freedom & Success. Make waves.

Do you want to Level Up or Pivot to a purpose driven path?

Join our network of ambitious Women, professionals and entrepreneurs who wants to embrace Change, live their Purpose whilst making an impact, enjoy Freedom and Transform their mindset for Success.

If this resonates with you, we would like to invite you to join us. Together we can create ripples to make even bigger waves.

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